What Do Atheists Believe?

Atheists say belief in God is not logical. Belief in God is not rational. “It is not based on reason,” they squawk. Really? Where are they coming from? In what universe do they live?
Atheists are materialists. They believe that only the physical world exists. That’s their universe. There is no spiritual world. Atheists deny the existence of both ghosts and gods. They say these are superstitions. Anyone who believes in God is superstitious.
Atheists believe all that we know comes from our senses. We must hear, see, taste, touch, or feel an object. Otherwise, it does not exist. It is not real. They say non-physical entities are “non-sensical.” We learn every “real” thing through our physical senses.
This definition of reality is out of step with our world today. Every day we use technology that is “non-sensical.” For example, as I type these words they turn quickly into bits of data. My computer processes the data at amazing speeds. When I’m finished, I magically post these words to something called the world-wide web. My senses are not aware of any of these electronic pulses or data bits.
According to atheists, I guess, none of this qualifies as real. I cannot see or feel or hear these tiny bits of data. According to an atheist’s reality, I guess, none of this exists. This web site, this computer, my thoughts are all “non-sensical.” Are they, thus, just superstitious nonsense? The world wide web does not exist. It’s just my opinion. Really? Are you kidding? Of course, an atheist would not say that. But it is consistent with their beliefs.
Atheists do not believe emotions are real. A beautiful sunset fills you with awe and wonder. Atheists look at you and giggle. Why feel wonder? You’re looking at light passing through clouds?
There is no love in atheism. Love is only chemical responses put in place by hormones. “How foolish,” is their reply.
Morality is a waste of time for them. Atheists trash the beliefs we hold dear. Atheism cannot explain kindness, beauty, love, trust, patriotism or dozens of others virtues. None of these things are real for the atheist.
I cannot believe like an atheist. Their materialism is too small. It cannot explain life today. New discoveries in science do not support materialism. Atheists accept discoveries like dark energy and quarks because of their faith in science.
Atheism cannot explain the existence of God. God exists in a great big world. That’s why atheists cannot see or hear or feel Him. Their world is too small. Their minds are too closed.
Evidence for God is all around us. Can you feel it? Can you see it? I encourage you to check out the evidence with an open mind.