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Our world is filled with problems. Human rights are ignored in many nations around the world. Human life is cheap. Mass shootings and deadly bombings crowd each other for news space. The gap between the super-rich and the penniless poor continues to grow. There is no respect for the personal rights of others. The growing mantra of the age is: “It’s all about me.”
Why do people deny others their rights? Why do we treat each other like dirt? The reasons are many. But one reason is this: we have no regard for the historic truths that guided our society in the past. Have we forgotten these truths? It appears so.
How did we forget these truths? What happened? For the last four to five hundred years atheists have shouted lies to us. Is there a God? Do right and wrong exist? According to atheists, whatever you say or believe does not matter. Your beliefs are nothing more than your opinion. There is no truth.

Forgotten Truths?

One of these forgotten truths is the importance of respect for others. Why should we respect others? The Bible says we are created in the image of God (Genesis 1: 27). In other words each one of us is precious and special in God’s eyes. My respect for you reflects my love for God. If there is no God, are we worthy of respect? If there is no God, is any one of us special?
What about human rights? Under atheism, human rights belong to the person who is strongest. There is no justice for the weak. In fact, according to atheists there is no concept called justice in the first place. There is no honor or duty or loyalty. How can America or any society survive without these virtues?
The Declaration of Independence says God gives us human rights. Men are “endowed by their Creator” with rights. If there is no God, what is our basis for human rights?
Does God exist? Yes or no? One answer is right, the other is wrong. Belief is not a matter of your opinion against mine! It’s a matter of truth! God exists! That’s the truth! Atheism is false.

The First Truth: God Exists

Yes, absolutely!

Yes, absolutely!

Please forgive me for shouting. Shouting doesn’t prove anything. The purpose of this web site is to proclaim truth as fact. Truth is not opinion. The first truth is that God exists. A mountain of evidence and proof support this claim.
The proof comes from philosophy. Atheists use philosophy to confuse people. But philosophy does not have to be hard to understand. When philosophy is put in plain language most people can understand it. Philosophy uses logic to prove that God exists.
The evidence comes from science, mathematics, and common sense. No physical evidence can rise to the level of total proof. Science makes predictions about whether a physical event will take place. The predictions are based on experience and experiments. Math computes the probability a predicted event will occur.
Did an event happen? For example, was our universe formed by chance? Was it an act of God? Was it the result of natural processes? Atheism commands us to reject any theory that mentions God. Atheists say all theories that mention God are superstitious babble. How sad. Atheists refuse to accept the most compelling evidence.
Common sense tells us to accept the theory that has the highest probability. Right? When scientists look at the universe, they see nature as amazingly complex. Nature is so intricate and ordered. Scientists cannot explain this. Our world could not form itself. The probability is too high. Something (or someone) must have helped the process along. When scientists open their minds, common sense helps them see the fingerprints of God in nature.

Truth or Consequences

Actions have consequences Seek Truth for better consequences

Actions have consequences
Seek Truth for better consequences

In this web site I also plan to show the consequences of belief. Your beliefs mold your behavior. The Bible says, “Bad company corrupts good character.” (I Corinthians 15:33, NIV) Christian belief is designed to produce goodness, kindness, and love (see Galatians 5: 22-23). What are the consequences of Christian truth? The consequences include hospitals, schools and universities, and support for the poor and needy (to name a few of them).
What are the consequences of atheist truth? Racism, reigns of terror, mass killings, eugenics, and Ayranism (to name a few). Atheist beliefs resulted in most of the death and suffering of the Twentieth Century.
Is it our turn next? Will we continue to embrace atheism? There must soon be a revival in our nation. We need a revival of truth. We need a revival that restores our belief in traditional values. Most of all we need a revival to turn our hearts toward God and Jesus Christ, His Son. Jesus is the true source of morality, values, and truth.
I pray the this web site may help you in your search for truth. May God bless you as you read. May God help me in this task.

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