How Do Atheists Respond?

How would you expect them to respond? God owns everything. Atheists are just squatters in the land of materialism.
Atheists used to respond in a way that makes sense to materialists. When science was king, atheists would say, “I only believe in things I can see and touch.” Then science betrayed them. Actually, that’s not quite right. Here’s what happened: Science began to grow up.
As science started to mature she explored beyond materialism. Unknown forces beckoned: magnetism and radio waves, for example. Unexplored worlds in outer space teased scientists. Theories of quantum realms sprang from physics notebooks. All of these are unseen realms. Science hurried to explore them. But atheists have nowhere else to go. Materialism by itself forms a very, very small world view.

I Don't Know

I Don’t Know

And, of course, philosophy never retreated from the playing field. Over the centuries thoughtful men developed logical, coherent proofs for the existence of God. As our society rushed toward nothingness, these proofs lost popularity. But they were never disproven. God is infinite and eternal. Atheists come and go. Nothingness fades away. God’s truth stands forever.
How have atheists responded to the proofs of God? Here are three general responses to the proofs for God.

1) Belief is Irrational

Atheists play games with this. They say belief is irrational. But they describe “irrational” within a very narrow, materialistic definition.

2) Skepticism

Atheists often deny the existence of anything that gets in their way. They use it to stop or control religious conversations. None of their statements survive the close examination. Examples:

I don’t believe God exists.

I don’t believe in Jesus’ miracles. They are just myths.

I don’t believe Jesus rose from the dead.
Atheists and skeptics usually don’t give any justification for their belief. They just say, “I don’t believe such and such.” Then they expect you to be defeated. There is nothing left for you to say, so they think.

3) The Existence of Evil

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Atheists lump all unpleasant things under this same category of evil. If you stub your toe walking across a room in the dark, atheists will say God did it. If a person wrecks their car while texting, God is blamed.
In addition, their responses use circular reasoning. They start with the assumption there is no God. Then they search high and low for God and. They ignore evidence contrary to their basic assumption. They discard any proof that is contrary to their agenda. Finally, they present positive “proof” that God does not exist.
Don’t accept truth from any of their responses. Any good Christian apologist can provide answers for their responses. These answers may be found in any good Christian apologetics website. I’ve listed a few responses in the next pages.

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