America Lost Its Way

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America Lost Its Way

America has lost its way.

Did you ever lose your way? Did you ever wander aimlessly in a strange place? You’re all alone. There is no one to give you directions. You forgot your map and compass. You wander until you are cold and tired. When you run out of food, you eat anything you can find: tree bark, grass, bugs and worms. If you don’t get guidance, soon you will die.
How can you find your way back? Say you are lost on the ocean. Your compass and radio are smashed. Your boat is drifting with the winds and the waves. There are no landmarks. Water is everywhere. How can you find your way? Do you want to wander until you die? No, of course not. You need to find a fixed point to guide you. You could find a star at night. During the day the sun can guide you. A fixed point helps you find your way home.

Lost in the woods

Lost together in the woods

Our country once had fixed points to guide us. We searched for truth. We found truth in the person of Jesus Christ. The teaching of Christ was our compass. The Bible was our map. God blessed our country. He made us strong.


The Path Away from God

Over the years we forgot about God. New beliefs came our way. People without truth told us that God does not care about us. Others say God is far, far away. More and more people drift away from God. How can these people ignore God?
The wicked prosper. People sin. No one pays. They think, “Why bother to listen to God? If I break His law, nothing bad happens. I guess He doesn’t care if I sin.” The Bible says, “When the sentence for a crime is not quickly carried out, the hearts of the people are filled with schemes to do wrong.” (Ecclesiastes 8:11, NIV) They think God doesn’t care. But the wheels of divine justice turn slowly. One day each of us will stand before God.
But for today they decide there is no God. If God does not exist, why believe absolutes exist? Why believe in truth, they say. There is no truth. There is no standard of right or wrong. Nothing is good. Nothing is bad. Thus there is no goodness. There is no beauty.
Neither does love exist. God is love and the source of love. But there is no God. Therefore, love is drained of all meaning. Love becomes only chemical reactions guided by evolution. After all, our race needs to survive. But there is no such thing as love. Everyone is guided by self-interest and wacky chemicals.
Material science becomes the standard for truth. Atheism hijacked science. Scientists became our high priests. They make the rules. Science is guided by the morality of corporate profits. We have power without morals. Science without morals led to atom bombs. We turn deadly diseases into bioweapons. What has atheism wrought?


Atheism Destroys a Society

Atheism destroys freedom. Our current definition of freedom is something like “I can do anything I want whenever I want to.” That’s not freedom. It’s personal anarchy.
Freedom is the ability to grow and improve as part of an ordered society. Freedom happens when, as part of that community, I defend my own freedom and the freedom of others. Freedom is not about me. It’s about all of us living together. According to John Locke:

“Freedom of men under government is to have a standing rule to live by, common to every one of that society, and made by the legislative power vested in it; a liberty to follow my own will in all things, when the rule prescribes not, and not to be subject to the inconstant, unknown, arbitrary will of another man.”


Freedom requires community. Atheism stresses personal self-involvement. “Me,” “myself,” is the focus of atheism. I need to be strong. I must exert myself at the expense of others. Survival of the fittest is the golden truth of life. According to atheism, only the strong deserve to survive. Others must fail and die.
Atheism destroys man’s special place in nature. People are no longer the crown of God’s good Creation. We are only highly evolved pond slime. People are nothing. Life has no meaning. There is no escape except death. Death results in non-existence. There is no hope. Why bother to continue? So says atheism.
Atheism is poison to society. Atheism denies the existence of truth and values. It denies the reality of love and beauty. With atheism, chaos reigns.


Is There a Way Out?

We are lost. Is there a star to guide us? Yes. The star is truth. We must restore the search for truth as a crucial part of a society.
Truth does exist. It’s not just the teachings of a master rabbi. It’s not just the best example ever of love and sacrifice. It’s not just the story of a man who inspired His followers to change the world. It’s much more than that. It’s Jesus Christ. Jesus did much more than teach the truth. He did more than model the truth and inspire followers. Jesus IS truth. He is the truth about God, reality, and eternal life.
The motivation for this site is truth. We must restore truth as the guiding light for our society. Jesus Christ is the truth. We must expose atheism for what it is. Atheism destroys lives. Atheism distorts values. Atheism lies about freedom.