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Be careful when visiting web sites. Especially web sites that talk about beliefs. Some of them can be dangerous.
Find out as much as you can about the writer(s) of a web site. What are their beliefs? What is their motivation or agenda? Why are they writing about their beliefs? Why do they bother?
Ask those questions about me. Who am I? What qualifies me to write about truth? What motivates me to create this web site? Why do I think no truth is found in atheism?


Why Is Truth so Important?

Truth is an accurate report of things as they really exist. The truth you accept produces your beliefs. Beliefs determine values. Values lead to actions. The truth you accept undergirds the course and direction of your life. And of mine.
Our nation used to believe in the idea of truth. We searched for truth. Sometimes we disagreed about our findings. But we still searched for truth. Christian truth was prominent in our society. Christian values bring order to a society. Our country had order thanks to God. We learned first-hand that God exists. That’s the truth.
Atheism turns order into chaos. Don’t take my word for it. Read the great atheists of the past. Sartre stared into the abyss of the nothing. Nietzsche spoke of atheism as a darkness. He foresaw a darkness spreading across Europe and enveloping the West. He wrote of the chaos of values due to atheism (Nietzsche called it nihilism). Atheism destroys without building up. Atheism devours reason and hope. In its wake are darkness and anguish and an insatiable abyss. That’s the truth.

My Motivation

My first motivation? To expose the dangers of atheism. Atheism rules the Western world. It will lead to our destruction.
Most of the atheism we see around us is thoughtless. Most people around us don’t really believe in anything. Their “beliefs” are shallow. They “believe” it might rain tomorrow. They “believe” someday the Cubs will go to the World Series (which they won in 2016). People all around us say truth doesn’t exist. But they never search for truth. Their beliefs are wishy-washy and change with the weather.
It’s the same for most of the atheists we see around us. Why do they call themselves atheists? For a variety of reasons. Some just want to be different—to stand out from the crowd. Some want to make their parents mad. Some like to see the look of horror on the face of Christians when reveal their atheism. Some atheists are angry with God. What better way to “get even with God” than to look in His face, shake your fist, and say, “I don’t believe in You.”
These are not the atheists that destroy. They are not the major problem. They are more like flies or mosquitoes. They buzz around and bother people.
True believers in atheism are the problem. True atheists believe only in the physical world. Nothing else is real to them. They believe morals and values are made up by people. Therefore, we can change them any time we want. That’s what they believe. Heaven, love, goodness are all made up. They don’t exist.
Do you want to live in a world that believes like that? Neither do I. I want truth. I want goodness and love. But our society’s beliefs are dictated by atheists. That must change.


My Qualifications

Why am I qualified to write about truth and atheism? First, I have a Ph.D. from a major theological seminary in the southwestern United States. My area of study was philosophy of religion.
Second, I have years of experience in religious ministry. I served seventeen years as a chaplain in the Army, active and reserve. I also served fifteen years as a small-church pastor. My churches were in Texas, Tennessee, and Washington, D.C. For eleven of those years I was a bi-vocational pastor. That is, I was pastor and also had a secular job. So I rubbed shoulders with many types of people. Some were church goers. Many were not.
Third, I have studied atheism for about ten years. This is what I discovered. Atheism is built on faulty logic and flimsy arguments. Atheism’s child is humanism. Atheism and humanism are ruining our country. I feel God has called me to tell others what I have discovered.
Fourth, with God’s help I try to live as a Christian every day. My wife and I go to church almost every Sunday. We tithe and give above our tithe. I commit myself daily to Christian discipleship. My hobbies include reading, writing, and spending time with my wife. My great weakness is playing card games on the computer. (I play Solitaire, FreeCell, and Hearts. I do not play poker or internet games.)
But my number one qualification is my relationship with Jesus Christ. He is my Savior and Lord of my life. Jesus is the truth. I understand truth because He is my brother, my Savior, and my best friend. Not because of anything I have done. Because of what He has done for me. That’s the truth.
As Christians, we spent too many years being afraid of atheism. We must restore the truth of God and Christianity to its rightful place. Otherwise, we risk destroying our country and our way of life. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” (Psalm 144:15)

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